The Nine Principles of Effective Coaching

Posted By: Mike Fitzgerald | Posted on: 07-18-2019

Many companies use the terms interchangeably, but coaching is not mentoring. The coach is oriented to change as opposed to a mentor, who is oriented towards growth. In coaching, the relationship with the client generally has a set duration. A mentoring relationship can last for a long time.

Coaching is generally more structured and meetings are scheduled regularly. Mentoring meetings can be more informal and might happen only when the mentee needs or wants advice. Coaching is more short-term and focused on specific issues or development needs, whereas mentoring takes a longer-term view and a broader view of the mentee’s career and personal development.

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Character Matters

Posted By: Mike Fitzgerald | Posted on: 07-15-2019

I was taught long ago that in times like these, character isn’t built–  it’s revealed.  Sure, successfully managing through turbulent times will help you in the face of uncertainty in the future.  But right now, your people see you as the barometer; the actual measure of the temperature of the company, and its ability to weather the storm.

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Ten Keys to Success In Your First 90 Days

Posted By: Mike Fitzgerald | Posted on: 06-13-2019

What you do in your first ninety days on a new job is important, but how you do it is equally important. You only get one chance to make a first impression at every level of your new company. Here are some proven keys to making a smooth transition.

After accepting the lead HR job with a Fortune 100 company earlier this year, a good friend of mine (Joan) called and said, “I’ve worked my way up to number one, but it’s been some time since I made a change, and I’ve never come in at number one before. I know we need to make some dramatic changes, but I’m worried about trying to do too much, too soon.” Joan asked, “I know the skeptics are already standing at the door. How can I get them on my team and focused on helping me to effect the right changes as soon as possible?”

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Dear Graduate

Posted By: Mike Fitzgerald | Posted on: 05-28-2019

Dear Graduate:

I’m worried, graduate. I looked for the story on your graduation in the news.  Where are you going to apply your education? What did your graduation speaker say that might inspire us all? Were you recognized for what I know you’ve done for your school and your community? Unfortunately, I couldn’t find the story.

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The Worst of Times or the Best of Times?

Posted By: Mike Fitzgerald | Posted on: 07-15-2013

There are an unprecedented number of good people on the street with portfolios in hand, aggressively looking for work. It seems every company, big and small, can wallpaper conference rooms with the unsolicited resumes they receive each day. Online job sites, executive coaches and career fairs are popping up more frequently than congressional hearings and bailout plans. And some once-busy executive recruiters are opening the office mail….or working on their golf handicaps. Is this the end of the retained search industry? Yes, it is–but only of retained search as we know it now.

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Hit Me With Your Best Shot – Every Day

Posted By: Mike Fitzgerald | Posted on: 01-15-2013

Advice is a funny thing. We give and take it almost every day. Sometimes, we don’t even realize it’s being exchanged. Turn here. Don’t do that. Try it this way. Advice can be offered so casually that it doesn’t even register as advice. It seems the older we get the more we give it, and when we’re young, we’re much more aware of the advice offered by others who have been there and done that. But now and then, someone will offer advice that can change your life, inspire you to be a better person or help you look at things from an entirely new perspective. I will never forget the night that happened to me.

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