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Ten Timely Questions…

Posted By: Mike Fitzgerald | Posted on: 04-30-2020

Like you, I’ve never seen anything like what we’re going through. It’s been tough, but there’s a bright side- every one of us has learned something about ourselves.

Do YOURSELF a favor and write down what you’ve learned about yourself over the last few months. Ask yourself these ten questions and write down the answers.

The answers ARE for your self-examination and personal growth.

  1. What did I do differently that I should adopt as a lasting behavior?
  2. What did I stop doing (that was a regular behavior or habit previously) that helped me be a better manager in tough times?
  3. What report, process, or activity did these times reveal that I found I never really needed in the first place?
  4. What could I have done differently before this happened to be better prepared the next time?
  5. To whom (including me) do I owe forgiveness for things I should not have done?
  6. Who (outside of the workplace) paid the biggest emotional price for my sacrifice over the last few months? What will I do to express my appreciation?
  7. If I had a mulligan to respond differently to a stressful moment, what do I wish I’d done differently (and remember next time)?
  8. Who emerged as my heroes (at work and at home)? Do they know it?
  9. What (or who) did I learn to appreciate that I took for granted previously? Am I thankful?
  10. Can I make someone else feel loved or more appreciated by asking them questions like these?

I never knew who it was credited to but I’ve always loved the quote, “Adversity does not build character, it reveals it.” James Lane Allen, an early American novelist gets the credit.

Be well, friends.

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