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About Us

Fitzgerald MSI is a peak performance management consulting company for financial services companies ready to embrace change, breed high performance and set themselves apart on the landscape. Mike Fitzgerald the president of Fitzgerald MSI, was named a “Torchbearer for community banking,” by American Banker, and the first to win Internet Banker of the Year in 1994, when he leveraged technology and alternative delivery channels to level the playing field among banks.

Mike is a former bank president, chief revenue officer, an accomplished sales and marketing professional, head of treasury sales and service and chief architect of award-winning alternative delivery channels and client servicing platforms.  In addition to being responsible for building shareholder and client value as bank president and chief operating officer, Fitzgerald and his team of former bank professionals have also helped effect change, enhance revenue, and build executive teams at ING DIRECT, E*TRADE, TransAmerica, Direct General Insurance, HarlandClarke, Cendant Corporation, and at successful community banking brands around the country.

He’s an Economics graduate from the University of Massachusetts, a frequent speaker at industry events and the author of four books on banking service, quality assurance and business correspondence quality.

what our clients say?

Mike knows that we’re very busy people, so he did his best not to waste our time. He did his homework.  He learned our products, our culture and the way we do business.  He found people who could do the job, and more importantly, could work in our company and with our people.

Rick PerlesFormer Head of Human Resources, ING Direct