“I’ve worked with Mike for almost twenty years. He is uniquely able to help someone leverage their strengths, address their challenges, and execute on their plans. He builds winners. He creates leaders. He helps teams come closer together in the way they work and communicate to perform at a higher level.”

Dan Duchnowski(EVP, Chief Banking Officer) Planters First Bank

“Mike’s value is not just that he knows how to use specialized tools to assess bank talent. He knows the banking business and how to apply industry-specific coaching principles to create meaningful personal development plans.”

Archie Bransford(CEO) Archie Bransford & Assoc., (Former Director) State Bank

“If you hire Mike to assess and coach existing and rising bank executives, buckle-in. It’s work, and it’s a serious commitment. Because if you ask him to hold you and others accountable, he will. With his 40 years of in-bank experience and proven skill in people development, he’s helped us to help ourselves become a better bank.”

Spence Mullis(President/CEO) Morris Bank

Mike was an extension of our executive team. He sat at the table with us where we set strategy, he helped create and nurture the culture we wanted, and he helped us select the people who could move our business forward.

Dan Tarantin(former CEO) Jackson Hewitt, Progeny Marketing Innovations and Direct General Insurance

Mike Fitzgerald has an inherent gift for developing and leading people. From talent identification to strategic programming and facilitation, Mike is thoughtful, deliberate, and profound. He knows talent and inspires authentic development in next generation leadership.

Juliette Christie, Ph.D., M.A.(Program Manager) Office of Executive Programs, Terry College of Business/University of Georgia

While leading change at State Bank, Mike reinvented HR to become an extraordinary Talent and Leadership Development program. He is selflessly devoted to ensuring the right people in an organization are provided the opportunity to reach their full career potential.

Tom Wiley(Director) Cadence Bank, (Former CEO) State Bank, Coastal Bank

Mike Fitzgerald led the building of our talent management infrastructure and orchestrated the development of an excellent leadership development program for our emerging leaders. He has a gift for building customized solutions for unique situations.

Joe Evans(Director) Cadence Bank, (Former Chairman) State Bank, Flag Bank

For more than 9 years I’ve witnessed the unique talent and passion of Mike Fitzgerald first-hand. He has done more in developing young talent than anyone I have witnessed in my long career. He is a humble servant leader, driven to develop future leaders.

Jim Balkcom(Chairman) TalentQuest, Espri Gas, and Council Capital. (Civilian Aide) to Secretary of the Army for Georgia

Mike has a proven track record of elevating the next generation of leaders. He creates innovative and thought-provoking programs that build camaraderie and critical skills at the same time.

Jennifer Eggers(Managing Partner) LeaderShift Insights

Mike Fitzgerald is extremely talented at identifying and developing leaders. He works collaboratively and balances his vision with an openness to other ideas and approaches. He expertly moves among various roles, including design, selection, assessment, and teaching.

Mike Jenkins, Ph.D(CEO) J. Michael Jenkins & Associates. (Former Senior Associate Director of Executive Programs) University of Georgia Terry College of Business.

Mike knows how to find the people who can help reshape the future.

Peter Aceto(President) Mortgage Alliance, (Former CRO, GC, CLO) ING DIRECT USA, (Former CEO) Tangerine Bank

Mike and his people know our business. They know how we make money. They know how we provide value to our customers. They helped us build a team with great skill, passion, focus and commitment.

Tom OsgoodExecutive Vice President, Xenith Bank

I worked alongside Mike as a banker, and again as a client of Fitzgerald MSI. He exercises the same skill, work ethic and sound judgment as a consultant. We hired winners.

Kevin Tierney(President/CEO) North Shore Bank, (Former EVP), Abington Savings Bank, Salem Five Bank

Mike knows that we’re very busy people, so he did his best not to waste our time. He did his homework.  He learned our products, our culture and the way we do business.  He found people who could do the job, and more importantly, could work in our company and with our people.

Rick PerlesFormer Head of Human Resources, ING Direct
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