Leader Focus Report

Who you are determines how you lead

As a leader, you will influence others in their jobs – your actions will impact the morale, well-being, and productivity of your team. You need to encourage followership, persuade people to work toward common goals, and motivate them to work hard. All leaders have a distinct set of qualities that define how they relate to others, process information, perform tasks, set priorities, and lead teams. These qualities influence your ability to get along with others and have a successful career as a leader.

Leadership is complex

This report concerns six behavior patterns that influence leadership effectiveness. They affect what you focus on, how you are seen by others, and how you manage yourself, your career, and your relationships. This report provides information about your reputation and personal brand, and can provide powerful self-insight.

Your leadership context

Regardless of your current or aspirational role, you are constantly making leadership impressions on those around you. This report is designed for individuals in traditional people leadership roles, but is also applicable to those who want to understand the ways in which they influence others or work in a broad range of leadership contexts – leading a product, project, process, initiative, technical team, or just informally leading in everyday life. Regardless of the specific leadership context, the six dimensions described in your report concern universal leadership dimensions that will help you better understand your natural leadership style, sharpen your influence strategies, and improve your overall effectiveness.

Understanding your results

There are a few important things to keep in mind when reading your report:

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