Business Reasoning Inventory

Identify your strategic, tactical and critical thinkers– people who can identify problems or opportunities, and people who can solve complex problems.

Strategic reasoning:

Concerns the ability to put current business practices in a strategic perspective, to understand how recent trends and events, as well as technological innovations, may impact future business trends. High performers are seen as curious, open-minded, tolerant of ambiguity, and interested in feedback. They tend to be creative, able to integrate different viewpoints, and are often quick to recognize problems.

Tactical reasoning:

Concerns the ability to reach sound, defensible conclusions in a timely manner based on information provided in the form of graphs, memos’, text-based material, diagrams, and tables of numbers. High performers are seen as disciplined, steady, precise, detail-oriented, and able to solve routine problems quickly.

Critical thinking:

Concerns the ability to recognize, understand, and solve complex problems. High scorers perform well across a wide variety of tasks by recognizing assumptions, evaluating arguments, and making validate interpretations and deductions. The critical reasoning scale is a composite of the Tactical and Strategic Reasoning scales. Critical Reasoning predicts overall performance across many positions.

Cognitive Style:

Concerns the thinking style of this individual in solving problems in the workplace, whether he or she is a Critical Thinker (high strategic, high tactical), Free Thinker (high strategic, low tactical), Laser Thinker (high tactical, low strategic) or Expedient Thinker (low strategic, low tactical). A detailed narrative and summary charts are provided to explain the individual thinking style of the individual.

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