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Revenue Enhancement

Pricing used to be so easy. It was a careful balance between what your competition is doing and what you can get away with. Even today, few banks have profitability models to drive decisions, and the decisions simply can’t be made the way they have been for years. Successful banks no longer price the product– they price the behavior within and between products and services. Bank executives who are prepared for the future reward clients for self-service and low-touch. They charge more for high-touch, and they offer an experience that’s worth it.

Let Fitzgerald MSI help:

  • Attract and retain profitable relationships with behavioral pricing
  • Find and prevent leakage in your service charge routines
  • Diversify the income stream with alternative products and services
  • Evaluate the life cycle opportunity for each product to help you ensure their profitability, and retire products that drain your focus and dilute your value proposition.
  • Spread your products across the Fitzgerald MSI Planning Map–  a process that charts your current products, assessing them against your competition, and the needs and wants of your current and future clients.


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