Use pre-hire selection tools to measure competencies, predict performance and assess the fit for your specific job and culture.

  • Fast-track the assimilation of new hires.
  • Predict who can do the job…and work in your company.
  • Understand individual strengths, challenges and motivators.
  • Make fact-based decisions on internal transfers and promotions.


Use our development assessments to minimize risk and take the guesswork out of your decisions to invest in people, while identifying gaps and creating personal development plans.

  • Identify the high potential talent pool among your workforce.
  • Improve communications and teamwork up, down and across the company.
  • Identify your critical, strategic and tactical thinkers for selection and career-pathing.
  • Build individual pre-coaching plans for next generation leadership.


Coaching helps someone to learn rather than simply being taught– it’s not about telling someone what to do. Instead, the individual being coached acquires the facts from within himself or herself, stimulated and encouraged by the coach.

  • Help emerging leaders achieve strategic self-awareness to accomplish career goals.
  • Help existing leaders learn to continue to grow, and know more about their teams.
  • Sensitize individuals to perception in the company, growth opportunities and development needs.
  • Provide an intelligent questioning framework and a turnkey accountability framework for coaching relationships.
  • Instill accountability in implementing recommended development actions.

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what our clients say

Mike Fitzgerald is extremely talented at identifying and developing leaders. He works collaboratively and balances his vision with an openness to other ideas and approaches. He expertly moves among various roles, including design, selection, assessment, and teaching.

Mike Jenkins, Ph.D(CEO) J. Michael Jenkins & Associates. (Former Senior Associate Director of Executive Programs) University of Georgia Terry College of Business.

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