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Executive Recruiting

Fitzgerald MSI is a proven boutique executive search consulting firm, completing more than seventy five retained searches for some of the leading brands in financial services. Our team offers you the unique perspective of years of award-winning experience, in the new and the old economies, from all three sides of the search transaction — the client, the candidate and the search consultant. You’ll see the benefit of this perspective in the way we save you time and money, and in the quality of candidates we present to you.

We’re focused, and we don’t try to be all things to all people. We understand the changing needs of our client base and we’re quick to understand your specific business issues, industry challenges, and the core competencies you need from the right candidate.

We’re small enough to stay close to each engagement, yet we’re big enough in skill to employ our strengths across the country and in multiple networks. What does that mean? It means we typically have fewer clients than larger firms, allowing us the opportunity to offer you a higher quality search experience.

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