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Culture Dynamics

Few will argue that the corporate culture of any organization affects the character, work ethic, client-focus and passion of the people who work there.  The personality of a company shapes the client-facing attitudes of the people who represent the brand inside and outside the company.  What does your corporate culture say about your company?

If you could stand in front of a clean whiteboard to create the ideal culture for your company, what would it look like?  Would it look like the culture you have now?  If we walked into the lunchroom and asked your associates about their view of your culture, would it be the same as yours?  How would they rate internal communications, the sense of ownership and accountability, and the spirit of teamwork in the company?

Let Fitzgerald MSI help:

  • Audit the corporate culture from the perspective of clients, competitors, directors and associates.
  • Identify and communicate the existing core values in your corporate culture, and create a roadmap to achieving your vision for the ideal corporate culture.
  • Get the troops fired up with crisp internal communications, rallies and internal branding.


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