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Get the Right People on the Bus

Whether you need to get the right people on the bus, or you want to get the people already on the bus moving in the same direction, Fitzgerald MSI can help.  We offer you more than thirty years of search consulting experience with over fifty years of diversified corporate experience in financial services, healthcare, sales and marketing, transaction processing, technology and consumer services.

How are we different from other search consulting firms?  We’ve been on your side of the search and management process.  This experience helps us know better than most what you want from a search partner.  We’re uniquely prepared to understand the talent you’re looking for; how to sort through the people who say the right things, and the people who do the right things…and do them right.  What’s more, we don’t go away when the search is done.  We help to integrate new hires, and we’ve made hundreds of speeches and presentations to teams who are struggling to integrate cultures, get excited about change and embrace the future banking model.


Executive Recruiting
Culture Dynamics
Talent Management Support